New YouTube Channel and Flow Tutorials for Salesforce Flowsome!

I am extremely excited to say that our YouTube channel and Flow tutorials is finally available!

I want to share a bit about why I started Salesforce Flowsome. When I first started with Flow, I really felt in love with this tool and had so much fun learning. However, I quickly discovered that the learning resources are pretty scattered. If a concept is unclear, I needed to visit 3 to 4 different websites in order to understand it fully. That’s why I built this place to collect all the knowledge I know about Flow. I hope by doing so, I can help you create a more efficient learning journey.

It has been an amazing 8-month period, but I have received so many suggestions to start posting videos. I personally learn better by watching videos too, so I have been working hard in building the YouTube channel. Now let me give you a tour of how I structure this channel!

Intro Video – Why We Should Learn Flow Now?

First I did a short introduction on why it is a good timing to learn Flow. There are many different voices about the reasoning, but this one is only my personal view. If you have any additional points to add, make sure to leave a comment below the video.

Navigate The Channel Based On Your Learning Style

One thing I really don’t love is to watch a video that lasts for more than 30 minutes. It does take time to learn Flow so it’s understandable that there are many long videos, but my methodology is to spend 10% of the time going through materials, and 90% of the time DIY. So my goal is to make the videos as short and fragmented as possible. You can go through only the videos that are relevant to you, and in different orders based on your learning style:

1. If you like “learning by doing”

I created a playlist called “Practice Example”, where I show how I build a solution from start to end. You can follow this list, and search for the concepts that you are not familiar with yet.

2. If you like to know everything before building

Like mentioned in my Apex learning journey, I would freak out if I need to use something I don’t fully understand yet. If you feel the same, there are many functional playlists that focus on the basic concepts. You can follow the list “Intro”, “Important Concepts”, “Elements”, etc. before you jump into the “Practice Example”.

Finally, remember you are not alone on the learning path and we are always here to help! If you have face any challenges, or simply have some comments or suggestions, write us a case and let’s have a discussion!

Good luck with the learning!⭐

Official Salesforce Help Article On Flow

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Hi Melody,

Glad that i found Flowsome, i spent like 2 days chewing thru all of your contents and they are so helpful for me to explore Flow as a beginner. Thank you so much!


I need to add PDF document in Flow, how to achieve this task?


hey melody,
I am so thankful to you for the great and organized explanation of flows. Loved your content. Looking forward for more such useful stuff