Flow: How To Use “Update Records”

As mentioned in the Introduction and Assignment article, only the data elements can modify your records. You can think of the actions inside the flow as editing the records, and “Update Records” as clicking save. Similar to other data elements there are also two ways to update records:

flow update records - setup
1. Use a Record or a Record Collection

Commonly used when you have record or record collection variables that allow for input and you modify those variables in the flow. For the collection variable, it will often be combined with a loop.

In each iteration of the flow, you update each item. After the loop finishes, you can update all items at once.
2. Specify Conditions and Set Fields Individually
flow update records - Specify Conditions and Set Fields Individually

If you have a Screen element which allows users to enter new values, it might be redundant to update the record variables because the system will automatically create a new variable for each screen component. In this case, it is recommended to use this method.

By setting the fields individually, you can either update the fields using another resource, or a manually typed in value.

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Official Salesforce Help Article On Update Records

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