Use Case: Update Parent From A Collection of Child Records in Flow

One powerful thing that variables can do in Flow is to update a record without retrieving that specific record – All we need is the Id. This is a very important example to go through, because it helps us conceptualize about what variable is and how it differs from the actual records. Today we are introducing how to utilize this feature to update parent records from a collection of child records. If you are not familiar with variables, make sure you check out this solution and follow along!

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Thanks for this – still wrapping my head around all the process builders I’m going to need to move to flow!


Well you need to update Parent from Child but here you are updating the parent first and then updating the child. The title is misleading.

allison oneill

Agreed. Title is Update Parent From A Collection of Child Records in Flow but you are demo’ing updating child records from a parent.
I need to update a parent record based on all child records having a specific picklist value. Is this something you can provide more information on?

allison oneill

In the situation where– if only a few child records have a specific field value, the parent record field value must update to one field value and if all child records have the same specific field value, then the parent record must update to a different field value; would there need to be a decision element, or additional assignment? or do you possibly have a solution?

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