6 Best Spring’22 Flow Release Summary You Should Read

I love the fact that there are more content creators who help summarize the release notes for the community. However, I find more and more difficult to structure the reading process because there are simply too many posts available! Some focus on the details while others focus on short descriptions. Some like to include all releases while others prefer to pick out their favorites. How do we know we have learned all the essentials and when can we stop reading?

To resolve this issue, I will share with you my process of reading the release notes and the summaries. So this time, instead of sharing my selected features which would only add one more similar post to the pool, I will share with you the best Flow release summary that I found for Spring’22. Let’s get started!


  1. Get ready for the new release
  2. Best summaries for Spring’22
  3. Key points for Spring’22
  • Steps To Get Ready For The New Flow Release

Step 1: Sign up for a newsletter that reminds you of new release
It can be from Salesforce official blog/newsletter or a community site. I personally use SalesforceBen because they just update really fast!

Step 2: Wait for UnofficialSF‘s unofficial release notes
They are the most reliable notes you can find before the official release notes are published. I recommend reading through their Sneak Preview for each release before you read other summaries.

Step 3: Find the correct summaries for your needs
Each post has target audience, preferred style, and focus area. Instead of trying to going through all, it is more important to find the one that fits you. For example, SalesforceBen has an fast-to-digest style, AutomationChampion likes details, Apex Hour focus on develop-y area; Salesforce Break loves experimenting, and I like simplifying and summarizing. Choose several that you like and focus on them.

Step 4: Crosscheck with official release notes
I too fear that I am missing out some important releases, so I always crosscheck with the official release notes at the end. They are not the easiest contents to understand, but they provide a neat overview which prevents you from missing any updates. If you don’t have the habit of reviewing release notes, I highly recommend you doing so.

  • Best Flow Release Summary For Spring’22

Here is my selection for the best summaries, together with some notes or reasons.

#1 – Spring’22 Sneak Preview by UnofficalSF
Text-based with screenshots. Published by Flow product team. Must read!

#2 – 10 New Flow Features by Tim Combridge/SalesforceBen
Text-based with screenshots. Very concise writing and all major features are included.

#3 – Salesforce Spring 22 Treasure Hunt for Flow by Salesforce Break
Video-based for you who prefer to see how the features are like in Salesforce.

#4 – Migrate Workflow to Flow by Tim Combridge/SalesforceBen
Text-based with a video. This is a deep dive on the workflow migration tool.

#5 – I Broke The Flow Explorer by Salesforce Break
Video-based. This is more an experiment than an explanation, but I love how Andy was trying around with the Flow Explorer and how he presented the process. It shows you how flownatics usually do the testing.

#6 – Release Notes by Salesforce
The release notes are more structured than ever, so make sure you take a look around.

  • Spring’22 Key Points For Flow

From the above recommendations, I selected a few key points that we should all go through:

1. Flow Explorer and Ordering Flow
Quick peak: See #1, #2, #3
Detail: See #5, #6

This feature is definitely gonna stir up the discussion of “What is the best practice for Flow” even more. For Apex, it is commonly agreed that 1 trigger is all you need for each object. However for Flow, there are a lot of different considerations such as the layout, loading time, element limits, etc. So, one flow or several flows per object? I am excited to see if there will come any conclusion soon!

2. Workflow Migration
Quick peak: See #1, #2, #3
Detail: See #4, #6

If you are a heavy Workflow/Process Builder user, make sure you check out this tool! However, if you want to skill up in Flow or clean up the technical debt, considering migrating them manually instead.
(Also read: Go with the Flow: What’s Happening with Workflow Rules and Process Builder?)

3. Collection Filter/Choice
Quick peak: See #1, #2
Detail: See #6

Finally! We can use Collection as choices!

4. Fields Feature Supports More Data Type
Quick peak: See #1, #2
Detail: See #6

One of my favorite features will now support more data type. Yay!!

5. Auto-layout As Default / Terminate Flow in Auto-layout (Link)
Quick peak: See #1, #2
Detail: See #6

The second one is not mentioned in many summary posts. Basically after Spring’22, we can now end the flow inside a loop while using the auto-layout (“End” element). This is previously only possible in free-form.

6. (Advanced) API Version 54 Enhancement
Quick peak: See #1
Detail: See #6

If you want to learn more about the technical side of Flow, this one is an important update too. There are some changes to the order of execution.

7. (Advanced) All Other Dev-y Things (Link)
Detail: See #6

Again, if you are interested in the technical side, review all these updates.

What are your favorite features or summary posts? Leave a comment and let us know!

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